February 25, 2017

Wandering Culture Heroes that Gifted Humanity Civilization Proven by Australian Aboriginal Genetic Data

Pama-Nyungan languages are represented by the sand colour, the mustard colour represents languages with possible relationship to Pama-Nyungan.

We have all heard stories about mysterious men (and it is nearly always men) that wandered around the world gifting a new culture to those they met. Some stories have it that there was just one man, other stories speak of a small group of wisdom bearers. These people brought language, writing, new tools, farming and an entire culture shift wherever they arrived. Most of the stories date the events to no more than 6000 years ago, usually within a couple of thousand years of that period, the time in which the first known civilisations arose.

We know today that there was civilisation earlier than 6000 years ago. The Gobekli Tepe megalithic site in modern Turkey dates to around 11,500 years ago, as does the Sphinx in Egypt and several sites discovered beneath the waves. I have personally investigated a megalithic site linked to this early period, in the jungles of Ecuador. Could it really be that the wisdom of these lost civilisations was carried forwards by a small group of people acting as a living repository for a lost wisdom?

My friend, English researcher Leonard Farra, has collected together the stories of some of these mysterious wandering civilizers of men, respected as culture heroes. A few examples are presented here:

Sumerian – Enki

Dogon – Lebe

Chinese – Tai-Ko Fe-Kee

Aztec – Quetzalcoatl

Muiscas – Bochica

There are a great many more of these figures from across the globe and I recommend reading Leonard Farra’s series of books, they offer much more on this story and give context to why 5000 years ago was an important era involving a rebirth of civilisation across the globe. Here I would like to present the first solid evidence from a research project that these stories are based on a very real phenomenon. In the video offered here, Professor Eske Willerslev, speak on behalf a recent project that carried out analysis of Australian Aboriginal DNA. Among the revelations, all of which are interesting, the team discovered traces of a small group of people, perhaps just “two men” that wandered through Australia somewhere around 5000 years ago (6 – 4Kya) gifting everybody a new language, new tool technology and a new culture. Almost the entire continent converted to this new system along with its Pama–Nyungan language.

Professor Eske Willerslev articulates the general confusion of academics on this matter, it simply makes no sense based on everything they understand. Scientists know that Aboriginal Australians had been on their land for at least fifty thousand years (the real number has six figures) and as such had their own diverse languages and cultures spread across the enormous continent. Why would these people simply abandon thousands of years of cultural identity and readily embrace the instructions for a new way of living presented to them by a handful of strangers that arrived on their land?

Pama-Nyungan languages are represented by the sand colour, the mustard colour represents languages with possible relationship to Pama-Nyungan.

Pama-Nyungan languages are represented by the sand colour, the mustard colour represents languages with, possible, relationship to Pama-Nyungan.

There is no sign of any accompanied invasion, no obvious evidence of anything that usually accompanies the sudden adoption of new culture and language. Instead, the evidence suggests that each tribe visited recognised that these strangers were to be respected and listened to, acknowledging them as being bearers of a teaching that was important and best to accept. There must have been something about these wisdom bearers that allowed such ready capitulation, I would suggest they carried something that allowed them to be identified as high-degree teachers with an ancestral link to the continent. It is my view that these were of a lineage that survived the catastrophe at the end of the last glacial maximum, they were the children of the builders of Gobekli Tepe, a line of Australian Aboriginals that had once founded a global civilisation. Perhaps the children of Sahul had returned, bearing great gifts for their ancient family?

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Bruce FentonBruce Fenton is an ancient mysteries and human origins researcher currently based in Australia. He is the author of the book The Forgotten Exodus – The Into Africa Theory of Human Evolution.


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February 25, 2017 at 6:14 pm

There was a deluge (which could mean something other than waters sinking continents). It means simultaneous population dropping and water rising. But we have come to think of it as only waters sinking continents, as in worldwide floods. There are, in fact, cyclic periods of ice building and melting at poles that coincides with world wide floods, yet it is also helped along by large growth earth population that pollutes and adds to cyclic periods of ice building and melting. There were 10 billion people living on this planet 18,000 years ago. Seventeen thousand years ago the population had dropped to 12 million. It looks as if this is happening again, starting in 2012. Look for drop in population.


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