Two Genetic Studies from Australasia – One New Human Species – Zero Scientists Telling the Full Truth

Australian original women

In September of 2016 Professor Eske Willerslev, Cambridge University, published a paper in Nature which revealed that his team had detected traces of an unknown human species in the genome of Original Australasian people. Shortly after this incredible claim, a second separate study revealed that there was indeed a missing […]

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Discovery of Ancient Bone Artefacts Further Undermines Waning Belief in a 50,000 Year History for Original Australians

Flinders Ranges Rock Shelter

Despite the discovery of a 49,000-year-old human habitation site in the northern Flinders Ranges, replete with some of the oldest bone tools known on Earth, and the additional recovery of the oldest known bone jewellery worn by modern humans, at a site in the Kimberley region, academics refuse to stop […]

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