People often think of history as a fixed narrative, not so with the ever-changing story of human origins. Scarcely a week passes without a new revelation that causes us to rethink many certainties we previously held.

The Forgotten Exodus is a book for everyone who hungers for the latest astonishing discoveries in the world of palaeoanthropology and human prehistory. Discover where new finds fit into the puzzle – and more importantly where they don’t!

While archaic hominins have walked the Earth from around 5 million years ago, we now know that close to 750,000 years ago something extraordinary began to happen to the genome of these distant ancestors, changes which marked the beginning of a unique species, Homo sapiens – us.

Modern humans are quite unlike their primate relatives, but what was it about our slow trek through a prehistoric world that left us the black sheep of the global ecosystem? What epic trials did our ancestors pass through? How did we become so reliant on our technologies? Where on Earth did the critical scenes in our story play out?

In this surprising and sometimes controversial book, we explore the story of Homo sapiens emergence and the split which led to our close cousins the Neanderthals and Denisovans. We follow early humans as they migrated across the vast expanse of Eurasia and the seas of Southeast Asia.

The Forgotten Exodus offers fresh interpretations that differ considerably from those embraced by many mainstream scientists. Neanderthals are found to be an Asiatic rather than European hominin; the Denisovan homeland is located firmly in Oceania, not Siberia. A population expansion from Northern Sahul sometime after the Lake Toba supervolcanic eruption replaces the Recent Out of Africa migration hypothesis.

Welcome to the ultimate guide to inconvenient anomalies in the consensus human origins story, you will come away with a wealth of new and surprising facts about our forebears and a better understanding of we modern humans.

“Highly recommended – five stars for such a clear-cut case for a fundamental theory that may reshape the scientific understanding of human evolution.” – Michael Carmichael, Historian of Science and former Senior US Presidential Campaign advisor.