Bruce Fenton is the author of the revolutionary human origins e-book series, The Forgotten Exodus.

He was born in Cheltenham, England, in 1977. He received his Higher National Diploma in Business Information Technologies from Anglia Ruskin University in 2002. He is currently an internet services consultant, human origins researcher and speaker. Bruce also provides I.T. support for a consciousness-science-focussed educational charity.

His personal research has largely focussed on altered states of consciousness, historical mysteries, ancient hominin evolution, and the legends associated with ancient giants. His current research is centered on the important role that South East Asia played in our human evolution with a special focus on genetic divergence occurring around 800,000BCE.

Bruce has been featured in the popular Science Channel production The Unexplained Files, which involved him hiking up into the Caucasus mountains, in Georgia, as part of an expedition seeking evidence for a lost race of giants.

He has published two previous books, 2012 Rising The Last Tzolkin & Ancient Aliens in Australia and numerous articles, some of which are available on his web magazine page Earth4all

He has featured as a guest writer for New Dawn Magazine has been reported on by the Telegraph Newspaper and runs a radio show for the EPIC Voyagers Network.